Welcome to  Moscow Recordings!

If you want to record your music in one
of the
best professional recording studios of     
East Europe  -  it's here in the

If you are looking for a high class                
professional recording orchestra
 -  it's            
Russian State Symphony Cinema Orchestra!
The Studio was built with
the assistance of
Tom Hidly and
Roger D'Arcy. The high class
equipment, up-to-date acoustical
design and the experienced
engineers' staff make it
the real
leader of the recording industry.
The equipment list includes:

Solid State Logic XL 9000 K console
Prism Sound digital converters
ATC loudspeakers
Studer and Tascam machines
Dolby SR*D noise reduction system  
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ph: +79035607889
The Orchestra's history         
80 years ago. Since that
time hundreds of recordings has
been made in very different styles,
classical symphonies and
to film and
music. Defined
studio recordings as its main
specialization, RSSCO distinguish
itself by a
clear intonation and
strong verticals.
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Marina Dubovskova
A & M Producers
Group (from 1998)
These grounds guarantee the high class professional quality
of your recordings, which together with very competitive prices
Moscow so attractive place to work.

In addition, it would be unnecessary to say that Moscow is
one of the most
beautiful world's capitals with a rich history and