From 1998 we’ve been managing professional recordings of large orchestral sessions
in the best recording studios in Moscow.

     The arrangement includes the full package with accordance to customer’s requests,

                     – hiring the orchestra, depending on your musicians list,
together with
                     – the conductor and the sound engineer,
                     – rent of the recording studio for some dates within
                       your workable period,
                     – the assistance with visas, hotels booking and    

     At the present time our recording sessions take place in the Mosfilm Studio – one
of the best professional recording studios in East Europe.

     Now we collaborate with such orchestras as Russian State Symphony Cinema
Orchestra, Moscow Symphony Orchestra and The Rachmaninov Symphony Orchestra,
which are involved in both philharmonic concert programs and regular studio recordings.

     Our recording credits include music of various styles, from ballets, symphonies and
oratorios to film music and animation soundtracks.

     Among film music composers with whom we record are Michiru Oshima (Japan),
Eric Allaman (USA),
Sundar C.Babu (India), Cong Su (China), Javier Navarrete (Spain),
Ian Livingstone (UK), Johannes Otten
(The Netherlands), Francois Rousselot (France)
and Alain Mayrand (Canada).

     Our long-term cooperation with the studios, engineers, orchestras and conductors
in Moscow allows us to offer you the highest quality recordings at the best prices.

     For more information of facilities, schedule, quotation etc. p
lease contact us at
moscowrecordings@gmail.com or m.dubovskova@outlook.com

     Marina Dubovskova, director
     A & M Producers Group

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